$800 Earrings for my Wife

I know I am not supposed to brag but 10 years ago I got my wife an $800 pair of earrings. She only wears them once a year. Half her friends think they are so cool, the other half can’t look at them.

You see, ten years ago my dentist recommended I have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. So I did. At $200 a tooth. I convinced the dentist doing the pulling to let me keep me my teeth. He did.

So I took those molars to a Beverly bead shop, sadly now closed. A woman there was quite happy to help me wrap wire around each tooth and make them into a pair of earrings. $800 earrings.

My wife wears them once a year- on Halloween. Half of her friends think it’s so cool she has her husband’s body parts on her ears. The other half take one look and say, “Your husband’s teeth are so honking huge! I can’t bare to look at them!”

Love means my wife smiles happy that I got her earrings of any kind. She knew when she meet me that I am the kind of guy who makes art with teeth. We’ve been rolling along strong, smiling our big toothy grins to each other, for 27 years and counting.

Tony Toledo, March 8, 2016


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