A Salem Ferry! What?

From what I post here I venture you might wonder if I still tell stories. Well, I still do. For the last dozen summer’s I’ve driven into Boston jammed on Route 1 South going in, and jammed on Route 1 South going out, telling stories for READBoston, a literacy non profit out of Mayor Walsh’s Boston City Hall.

Today I left Route 1 behind me as I bicycled to the Ferry in Salem, got to bring the bike on for free and had a delightful one hour high speed ferry ride to the Wharf in Boston. I loved biking to the Copley Square Library then to the Wang YMCA then to the Salvation Army on Washington Street.

The ferry fare one way is $25 unless you are a commuter then it’s only $8! Why in the world hadn’t I done this earlier? I took the ferry home sitting on the top deck, wind blowing my hair in 27 different directions as I kept grinning from ear to ear.

Ahhh. The life of a traveling storyteller.


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