Boiling The Kettle Dry. Again.

I like my morning coffee. As soon as I put the water on my phone would ring. As I was talking with my brother the smoke alarm would go off. The kettle had boiled dry, gotten all crusty and ruined.

So I had to use a sauce pan to boil water. No problem, I’ll just check my email quick while I am waiting for the water to boil. Suddenly the smoke alarm would go off, I would rush into the kitchen to find a once beautiful sauce pan now glowing red whispering, “I am dead.”

So KR bought me a very expensive clay tea kettle that you could boil dry and not hurt the kettle at all. I thought, “Wonderful!” I’ll just draw on one cup till the water boils. I melted the handle off. The tea kettle was fine, I just couldn’t figure out a way to get the water into my coffee filter without the handle.

KR has made a new rule. I was not allowed to leave the kitchen if any burner is turned on. No phone calls, no emails, no drawing. This made me sad.

Then the secret of happiness and peace (and safety) was revealed. An electric tea kettle that turns itself off as soon as it boils.

I am willing to bet a dollar to a donut that more than one of my friends has boiled a tea kettle dry. Am I right? No need to admit this publicly if that would cause your sweetheart to whisper, “You’re just like Tony. Now stay in the kitchen.” Gosh, you’ve got emails to check.


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