Don White’s Key to the City

Lynn MA Mayor Kennedy presented Don White with a Key to the City of Lynn on April 12, 2012. She also proclaimed April 12, 2012 as Don White Day in Lynn. It’s not every day Mr. White gets surprised. He was surprised on that long ago April evening.

Don founded Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mic. He’s a nationally touring folk singer whose home town fans can sing every word of every song with him. Most of the time he asks that they don’t.

When Don was given the Key to the City he said, “This obviously didn’t come with a background check.” Then he asked,” Does this mean I get a parking spot at City Hall?” He was bummed to find out he still had to put his quarter in a meter when he visited City Hall.

Don White didn’t get a City Hall parking spot. He does get my undying admiration for everything he has done for our Speak Up Tribe and for the Arts in Lynn.

April 14, 2016 Tony Toledo


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