HS Students from Lynn Got Great Stories

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching storytelling to the seniors at Lynn Classical High School in Lynn, MA.

These seniors learned how to tell their own personal story (through the fantastic StoriesLive curriculum developed by Norah Dooley).

One student told about being needing a cane to walk at 17-so it might as well be pink. Another told about a fox eating her chicks down in the Dominican Republic where she grew up. That was OK with her because she ate the chicks too, she just waited till they were chickens. Another boy told about constantly misplacing his student ID. That’s why he has three back up IDs- shhh don’t tell anybody.

These students really got it- they paused in mid air and every single person hung with them. When they motioned come here we went with. We heard their mother yelling at them in Spanish, all through their stories.

At the Story Slam last Friday 27 stories got told. Amazing. So much story magic in just 90 minutes. I tip my hat to these students who opened up and shared their stories. It is in our vulnerability that our true strength resides. Every one of these students was strong.

I told the students years after you graduate you will still remember these stories your classmates shared. We are hardwired to love stories. The more we learn about each other the more we like each other. I just wish some politicians would learn from the courage and passion and honesty that these kids from Lynn showed.


Tony Toledo, March 23, 2016


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