Looking in Mr. Wicker’s Window

In 1999 KR Glickman’s 90 year old Aunt Rose asked to borrow my Harry Potter books. (I had the first two at the time.) I thought it was so cool someone 90 years old and someone 9 years old both enjoyed reading the same thing.

Months later KR and I stopped at Sweetwood Assisted Living Center in Williamstown, MA to see Aunt Rose. She gave me back the two Harry Potter books telling me how much she enjoyed them. I had the books under my arm as we walked Aunt Rose to lunch.

Along the way Aunt Rose introduced me to a friend of hers, Carley Dawson. Carley saw the books and said, “Years ago I wrote books about a boy, time travel and magic.”

That really caught my ear. “What were the names of your books, Carley?” She said, “The first one was ‘Mr. Wicker’s Window’. The second one was ‘The Sign of the Seven Seas’. The third one was ‘Dragon Run’.”

It took me two years to find all three books. The first one was the last one I bought. I had to wait to get the first one before I could start reading them. I had to read them in the order she wrote them you know. What a treat.

I liked ‘Mr Wicker’s Window’ so much I read it out loud to kids at the Beverly Public Library on Thursday afternoons from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Half way through reading out loud “Mr Wicker’s Window’ I had the kids write letters to Carley Dawson. The next week we got a letter back from her thanking us for visiting with her mental children.

I told those kids at the library to always remember this. “Mr Wicker’s Window” was written in 1952. In 1999 the author was still alive. She was clear minded and I had her address. I told the kids this would never happen again in their life times. They didn’t care about that. They just wanted me to keep reading the book because they loved it so much. So I did.

Tony Toledo, April 15, 2016


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