Riding Horses in the Berkshires

It was 20 years this fall that KR and I had decided to do the Greylock Ramble. That’s the name of the hike up Mt Greylock, the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, on Columbus Day in when the fall colors are peak.

As KR and I were at her mom’s home in North Adams, I asked Lillian (my mother in law) why she had so many plastic horses in her TV room. She said she loves horses. She said she always had horse in high school and college. When she got married there was no time or money for a horse. She hasn’t had one since. She hadn’t ridden in 50 years.

After I heard that I talked with KR. We changed our plans. Instead of hiking up Mt Greylock we called a stable in Williamstown. They had three horses available. We took Lillian on a trail ride through the bright red and orange mountainside. She looked like she had just ridden last week.

We had a guide in front and one in the rear. As we crossed a sallow stream the front guide’s horse started pawing the water. I asked the guide what he was doing. She said, “My horse is bored going so slow. So he’s trying to get his friends wet.” I never knew horses had such a good sense of humor.

KR, Lillian and I had a blast on that long ago trail ride. Lillian was 75 then. She is 95 now and still going strong. KR is also good rider. Me, I look like a tomato duct taped to the back of dog. We all had fun in our saddles.

It’s only later, much later, that the joy of that ride shines brightest. Giddy Up! Who knows? Maybe we will get Lillian on a horse for her 100th birthday…or tomorrow.

Tony Toledo


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