Theater Satire from 1889

Last Tuesday  (July 20th) I stopped at the Brattle Book Store on West Street in Boston. They have $1 books for sale (I know, I know, dangerous for me). I stumbled across a copy of “Stage – Land” By Jerome K. Jerome published in- get this- 1889! I got a 127 year old book for buck! It’s satire about the theater.

Here’s a little taste of 127 year old humor:

“The only points of stage “law” on which we are all clear are as follows:

That if a man dies, without leaving the will then all his property goes to the nearest villain.

But if a man dies, and leaves the will, then all his property goes to whoever can get possession of that will.

That the accidental loss of the three and six penny copy of a marriage certificate annuls the marriage.”

Reading this book I laughed out loud more than once. The people on the ferry I was sitting beside didn’t make eye contact after that. I didn’t notice because I was snorting so hard.

All this joy for a buck!

Tony Toledo


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