Thursday Letter 39 to Garlic George

Today I mailed Thursday 39 to Garlic George.

Garlic George is my buddy from my long ago University of Toledo days. Turns out we both like to write letters. We lived four miles apart. I mailed George a Curious George book with custom captions. He mailed me shoe. No box, just my address on the sole. He also wrote, “Get a kick out of life.”

Garlic George is much better at letter writing than me. Since 1982 he has written me 20 letters for every one that I’ve sent his way.

This hardly seems fair. He once told me that I was still the person who wrote him the most. And I feel like I hardly get around to writing him much at all.

That got me to thinking. So last June I wrote Garlic George that I was going to be writing him a letter every Thursday for a year. I told him I had made a rule for myself that a letter is at least a full handwritten 8 x 11 sheet filled with hand written words/art/ rantings. Post cards, as nice as they are, are not letters.

I thought I would run out of things to write about. Turns out the more I write, the more I have to write about. I’ve even taken to drawing on the envelope stuff like the “Boston Sunday Globe has inducted George into the Garlic Hall of Fame” (drawing the Globe masthead font).

He is Garlic George because he grows a whole garden of garlic and gives much of it away to his friends. It’s delicious.

I pick up any flyer I find that is blank on the back. I write my Thursday letters on the back of that flyer from Market Basket, or Carpet Sales, or The Pie Potluck at the library. I figure if the letters no good at least the flyer provides something positive to read.

A first class letter is 49 cents. That is the most fun you can have legally for half a buck. Grab a pen, think about your friend, start out just describing what you see out the window. Pop it in an envelope, stick that stamp in the corner and know you’ve make your friend smile. Write on.

Tony Toledo, March 3, 2016


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