Petting Horses

My mother in law Lillian Glickman is 95 years old. In her younger days she owned horses. When her family started she replaced her beloved horse with three equally beloved kids. But the kids just did not take to being saddled up very well.
Last Saturday I took it upon myself to call DeMayo’s Bonnie Lea Farm in Williamstown, MA.  I asked if it would be OK to bring Lillian over so she could pet a horse. “Come on over!” Lisa DeMayo said. When we arrived at the farm there were two women on their horses inside the jump area (I have no idea what the official names are for the places on your farm) who could not have been kinder. They welcomed Lillian to pet their horses as long as she liked. I have never seen my mother in law smile so big and so long. Nor have I ever met two kinder, more friendly women. I wish I could remember those kind ladies names. One woman’s horse was named Cinnamon.
Twenty years ago we were able to go on a trail ride on Columbus Day weekend with horses from the Bonnie Lea farm. It was Lilliian, KR and myself. Lillian and KR were quite at home in a saddle. Me, I looked like a tomato duct taped to the back of a dog. We had a woman leading us on the trails, and a woman in the rear making sure all was good with us.
When we crossed over a stream the lead woman’s horse was picking up it’s foot and banging it on the rocks in the water. I asked the woman what it was doing. She replied, “He’s bored going so slow on the trails. He’s trying to get his friends wet.” I never knew horses had a sense of humor.
So we came back to visit after twenty years away. I don’t think Lillian wanted to wash her hands. She wanted to keep that horse smell on her forever.  Our next visit will be much sooner than that. Many, many thanks again to all the horses, riders, and workers at Bonnie Lea Farm. Long may you run.
Ciao, Tony Toledo, Beverly, MA
Sin in Law of the horse loving Lillian Glickman

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