719 years old. A book. That I Saw With My Own Two Eyes. Wow.

Last night I drove to Boston College. It was worth the Boston traffic to arrive at BEYOND WORDS: ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS IN BOSTON COLLECTIONS.  Books hand printed on parchment from 1515. I saw a prayer book made in 1297.  719 years old. I saw it with my own two eyes. Amazing. Books with illustrations that shine as bright as the day they were made. Books hand made before Gutenberg invented his printing press. Books about medicine (not sure I’d be keen to the recipient of blood letting). Books that will be on display only through Dec 10, 2016. See then now or forever regret you missed them.   At the beginning of November there will be a FREE conference discussing these great books. Sign up is at their web site: http://beyondwords2016.org/

I met with my fellow Ticknor Society members at 6 o’clock. I  joined The Ticknor Book Society this year. Best $25 I’ve spent in a long, long, time. From the Ticknor Society web site:  The Ticknor Society is an organization of book collectors, booksellers, librarians, historians, archivists, conservators, printers, publishers, writers, and all lovers and readers of books. We are dedicated to the enjoyment, promotion, and support of books and book culture.

The Society is named for George Ticknor (1791-1871) and his daughter, Anna Eliot Ticknor (1823-1896). George Ticknor was a prominent Boston collector, scholar, and library supporter. His great collection of Spanish literature is at the Boston Public Library. Anna Eliot Ticknor was an early member of the Massachusetts Library Commission (founded in 1890, the first state library commission in the United States) and an active promoter of literacy for all. Both father and daughter were instrumental in making books widely accessible in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  http://www.ticknor.org/index.htm#about

This Boston area is rich with books, rich with history, rich with libraries public and private.  When you visit Boston be sure to give me a call me. I’ll to give you a Boston Book Tour. It’ll be expensive. You’ll have to buy me a coffee. And maybe a book.



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