About Tales from Tony Toledo

Welcome, web wanderer. You have stumbled upon “Tales From Tony Toledo”.  I have been telling stories to pay my rent since 1990. Those stories can be for elementary students, or for Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mic adults or lots of folks in between.  This blog is the digital sharing of events from 43 years ago or 43 minutes ago. If you smile, or shake your head, or every once in a while laugh out loud, then casting these words out into the wilds of cyber space as not been in vain.  A friend once told me the internet is the world’s biggest library but all the books are strewn on the floor. This blog is me tidying up a few of my stories from the corner of my brain where they fell  jumbled years ago.

A Bigger Bio Bits of Mr. Tony Toledo. Professional storyteller since the later part of the 20th century.  Past EMCEE/host of Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mic every Wednesday for seven years in Lynn, MA.  59 years old but reads at a 68 year old level. Professional pie taster. Bicycled Oregon to Virgina the summer of 1979. Book collector. Married to a woman with one blue eye and one brown eye. Past President of LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling).  Purchased massive one tenth of an acre estate with his storytelling in the heady heyday ’98. Art Cup exhibitor at Beverly Massachusetts Public Library. Corn Party Co-host.  Pie Potluck Co-host. Letter writer. Sender of many, many postcards. Graduated with a degree in International Relations from the University of Toledo. Dipped his toe into law school, quickly pulled it out. The legal waters were not to his liking.  Recipient of the Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award for supporting storytelling in New England.  Recipient of the Oracle Award for Storytelling in New England from the National Storytelling Network.  Also got an award for Good Penmanship when he was in the eighth grade. That will never happen again.

If you want a story, or want to chat, or want a post card, just contact me, Tony Toledo at ToledoGoat@aol.com, or call cell 978-578-2915 voice/text, or write me at PO Box 302, Beverly MA 01915.

When you tell your niece about the time you got lost in Chicago or listen to your neighbor’s tomato woes you are making connections in our tired old world. Your connections make our world a better place.  Tell on!